Though Bad Radio never released their recordings commercially (except for their self-produced and marketed demo cassette), some of the demos have found their way on to bootlegs. Here is a partial list of boots which contain all or some of the demo recordings. If you have, or know of, any other bootlegs or recordings, please let me know for inclusion on this list.

An interesting sidenote: Though many of the bootlegs include the songs "Street Funky Man," "One Step Up," and "Sick Of Pussies," these songs were never actually recorded by Bad Radio and are not listed on the following bootleg tracklists. For more information, see Eddie's Demos. As of now, it's unknown how these songs ended up as part of the Bad Radio tapes, but they may have originated from Bad Radio demo tapes given out by Eddie himself following his departure from the band.

CD Bootlegs

  • Eddie Vedder (Bad Radio) - "Bad Radio Demos"
    Label: Rain Records, Rain 07
    1. Answer
    2. Better Man
    3. Just A Book
    4. Homeless
    5. What The Funk
    6. I'm Alive
    7. Crossroads
    8. Homeless (take 2)
    9. Believe You Me
    10. I'm Alive (take 2)
    11. Crossroads (take 2)
    15. Homeless
    16. Homeless (take 3)
    17. Better Man (take 2)
    18 What?
    Sound Quality:A-/B+
    Notes: This is one of two CDs I know of currently with the most complete collection of the demo songs. The source tape for this boot may have been the Eddie tape. Track list is similar to the "One Step Back" bootleg, with tracks 12, 13, and 14 being the Eddie solo songs.
  • Pearl Jam - "Hallucinogenic Recipe" Box Set, CD 3, "Eddie Vedder - Solo Home Demos"
    Label: Alley Kat, AK-024
    1. Homeless
    2. What?
    3. Believe You Me
    4. Answer
    5. Better Man
    6. Just A Book
    7. Homeless (Take 2)
    8. What The Funk?
    9. I'm Alive
    10. Crossroads
    11. What The Funk (Take 2)
    12. Believe You Me (Take 2)
    13. I'm Alive
    14. Crossroads
    Notes: This is a marginal quality recording; varies from "A-" (Homeless and Believe You Me) to "C" (What?, Answer, and the "live" Better Man). Song names are incorrect on almost every track (i.e. "Just Wanted You To Know", vice "Homeless" and "Stand By" instead of "Better Man"). Contrary to what the CD maker might have you believe, this is not a recording of Eddie's solo demos, but merely a bad copy of the Bad Radio demos themselves from a variety of sources.
  • Eddie Vedder - "One Step Back"
    Label: The Smoking Crocodile, SMOKE VI
    1. What
    2. Believe You Me
    3. Answer
    4. Better Man
    5. Just A Book
    6. Homeless
    7. What The Funk
    8. I'm Alive
    9. Crossroads
    10. Homeless
    11. What The Funk
    12. Believe You Me
    13. I'm Alive
    14. Crossroads
    18. Homeless
    19. Homeless (take 2)
    20. Better Man
    Sound Quality: B+
    Notes: Complete tracklist, which, again contains the three "not Bad Radio" songs (tracks 15, 16, and 17). Possibly from the same, or similar, source as the "Eddie Vedder Bad Radio Demos" boot.
  • Pearl Jam - "Evolution" Box Set, CD 3
    Label: ?
    5. I'm Alive
    6. Homeless
    7. Homeless (Take 2)
    8. What?
    9. Believe You Me
    10. Believe You Me (Take 2)
    11. Answer
    12. Just A Book
    13. What The Funk
    14. Crossroads
    18. Better Man (live)
    19. Better Man
    Sound Quality: ?
    Notes: ? - I have no review for this bootleg.
  • Pearl Jam - "How's That?"
    Label: ?
    1. I'm Alive
    2. Homeless
    3. Homeless (Take 2)
    4. What?
    5. Believe You Me
    6. Believe You Me (Take 2)
    7. Answer
    9. Just A Book
    10. What The Funk
    11. Crossroads
    15. Better Man
    Sound Quality: B+/-
    Notes: This boot seems to have a tracklist similar to the "Evolution" CD. Tracklist includes the three Eddie Demo songs (tracks 12-14).
  • Pearl Jam - "Chapters" (CD 1) Label: Frenzee
    Tracks: (Disc 1)
    2. What?
    3. Answer
    4. Believe You Me
    Sound Quality:A-
    Notes: This is a 2CD set which contains a wide variety of Demo and live Pearl Jam and Mookie Blaylock performances. The three Bad Radio songs come from the self-marketed 4-song tape.
  • Pearl Jam - "From Then Till Now"
    Label: Pitchfork Records, PF 100
    1. What?
    14.Believe You Me
    16.Better Man (live)
    Sound Quality: B/B+
    Notes: Songs originate from the 4-track Tower Records single. CD booklet reproduces original casette j-card; gives names and pics of band members, and an old San Diego address-phone number for Eddie photocopied from the demo tape.
  • Pearl Jam - "From Then 'Til Now"
    Label: Eagle Records, Eagle 003
    1. What?
    5. Answer
    14. Believe You Me
    hidden track: Better Man (live)
    Sound Quality: A
    Notes: Four songs off the 4-track tape. Better Man is tacked on to the end of the last track of the CD, so you may miss it if you don't listen for it. This may or may not be a bootleg of the previously-mentioned "Then Till Now" boot. I've seen Eagle Records rip-off (reprint for their own benefit, if you wish) several other boots, and this may be one of them.
  • Pearl Jam - "Angel (Demos & Remixes)"
    Label: Parrot
    1. Better Man (live)
    2. Answer
    3. What?
    Sound Quality: A-
    Notes: Three songs from the released 4-song demo tape.
  • Pearl Jam - "Evolution 1985-1993"
    Label: Collectors Pleasure, COP 002
    10. I'm Alive
    11. Homeless
    Sound Quality:C+
    Notes: Not to be confused with the aforementioned 4-CD set of the same name. Two songs from the unreleased demo recordings.

  • Video Bootlegs

    There are also at least two video bootlegs of the band in concert. See the "Uncovering The Mystery" page for more in-depth info on BR video bootlegs.

  • 06/10/89 San Diego, CA
    1. Intro
    2. Answer
    3. Crossroads
    4. What?
    5. Believe You Me
    6. Money
    7. ?
    8. Just A Book
    9. Better Man
    Sound Quality: B
    Notes: This video, according to bassist Dave Silva, shows Eddie Vedder's first-ever performance with the band. Supposedly this 35 minute video is an abbreviated version of a complete 70 minute video of the performance. While most 35 minute copies have poor video and sound quality, the 70 minute version is reportedly quite clear for both audio and video.

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